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Specialists with many years of experience

Legal advisors who have successfully completed law programs at university and then specialized in various areas of law at domestic and foreign universities.

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Regarding labour law and social security law as much in national as in international situations;


To businesses, organizations and the non-profit sector in general;


While respecting the specific culture of the organization


Intensive short-term and long-term assistance: collective agreements, restructuring, collective dismissals ...

Indivi­dual labour law

We give legal advice about

  • The application of all legal and application of all legal requirements and collective labour agreements;

  • Editing and updating labour contracts;

  • Labour law problems such as probation, non-competition clause, ...;

  • Individual assistance when dismissing employees;

  • Editing work rules and welcome booklets;

  • Law related to dismissal in general;

  • The dismissal of individual employees;

  • Establishing the social liabilities of a company;

  • The analysis and elaboration of the socially and fiscally most advantageous solution for a dismissal;

  • The introduction of the information file to the joint committee in the case of a dismissal of protected employees;

  • Holiday regulations, arrangements in respect of working time, ...;

  • Systems of remuneration: minimal wages, mandatory employment conditions, pension plans, reimbursement of expenses, flexible working time regulation, comparison of wages and working conditions between sectors;

  • The office has a thorough experience in transnational situations.

Collec­tive labour law

We give legal advice about

  • Consultation and negotiations with unions;

  • The organization of the assistance given to the committee for prevention and safety at work, works councils and meetings with union representatives;

  • The elaboration of procedural rules for the above mentioned consultative committees;

  • The organization of social elections;

  • The editing and registration of collective agreements;

  • The calculation and simulation in case of collective dismissals;

  • The administrative follow-up of a file during the closure of a company;

Social se­curity law

We give legal advice about

  • Unemployment and systems of partial unemployment;

  • Legal retirement pension schemes, permitted work, etc.;

  • Pension calculation and simulations;

  • Assistance for self-employed people in the case of disputes regarding their statute;

  • Regulations regarding incapacity to work;

Pro­viding infor­mation

Our office members are the authors of several articles in the field of social law and of other legal publications. The office is responsible for the follow-up of the collective agreements in every sector

The different laws, including the preparatory documents of the Chamber and Senate as well as jurisprudence and jurisdiction are analysed on a daily basis.

Training plays an important role: seminars, work experience training (specific subjects), workshops, training within your company, specialization courses (courses lasting several days - full social law).

Human resources

The office takes care of the personnel administration for foreign companies having no branch in Belgium.

This comprises salary and wage administration as well as monitoring the correct application of the Belgian social law.

Moreover, the office acts as a mediator (authorized representative) between the foreign company and the Belgian authorities.

Our procedures

You just want to make a phone call once in a while?

You would like to have a social audit done?

You're looking for an attentive listener for a discussion of your new ideas?

Your questions will be answered immediately if they are simple or you will get expert advice in more complex matters. We offer single advice or advice on a regular basis by means of a subscription.

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